Our history

Mt Woodgee is more than just a brand; you can find it geographically on a map at the southern end of the Gold Coast perched on the border of Qld and NSW. It’s also where our first surfboards were made in the early 70’s and the birthplace of the Mt Woodgee Legend.

Views from Stradbroke Island in the North to Fingal Head in the South and every pumping point break in between was over a period of two decades also home to some of the best and most memorable parties that still linger long in the memories of those that were fortunate enough to be part of.

The old run-down house on the hill that made surfboards underneath was being frequently visited by the who’s who of surfing and their reputation started to grow as fast as the fauna surrounding them.

In the years that followed, riders like Gary Kong Elkerton, Jason Buttenshaw and Bede Durbidge, pushed our boards to their limits against the world’s best in some of the most unforgiving waves around the world.

Forging a name for authentic high-performance surfboards, while sticking to the core values of premium quality craftsmanship, we consistently delivered to our community, which remains the number one priority to this day.
An old fashioned surfboard shop. Specifically the coffee table area and surfboardsMt woodgee shop, coffee table to sit, chat and look at the surfboards and art surrounding themAn old fashioned surfboard shop. Specifically, the back area to sit and hang outAn old fashioned surfboard shop. Specifically, the entrance with surfboards everywhereThe mt woodgee surfers as men in there 20's sleeping in a bunk bed whilst travelling
The old mt woodgee shack on the top of the hill surrounded by palm trees, where the company was foundedThe professional surfer Gary (kong) flexing in a barrel on his surfboard
Surfer getting barrelled at Kira when it is pumping, grabbing rail, deep in the waveBede Durbidge, professional surfer doing a fast, high snap on his surfboard
W surfer getting barrelled on a left hander, deep and loving it!Bede Durbidge, professional surfer doing a large layback cutback
A surfer with lots of spped doing a floater, showcasing the Mt Woodgee logo