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World renowned with 40+ years industry experience. Local surf shop on the Gold Coast, Currumbin.

Designed by Bede

Bede Durbidge is a 25+ year Mt. Woodgee team rider, 13 year World Surf League (WSL) veteran and Olympic surfing coach.

At Mt Woodgee Bede thrives by utilising his wealth of knowledge and experience to help us design and refine our board range.

“I am passionate about designing the best board for every customer, individually crafted to maximise their surfing experience. I believe this is the best sport in the world and I love sharing my wisdom through Mt. Woodgee Surfboards” ~ Bede Durbidge
Professional surfer Bede Burbidge doing a cutback on a steep wave
Willy, the expert surfboard airbrush artist spraying a wave with a galaxy above it on a surfboard

Art by Willy

Willy has hand designed over 20,000 unique art pieces, it’s safe to say he has plenty of experience. He joined the Mt. Woodgee family at 21 years old and is now recognised as one of the most talented and established artists in the surfing world.

While Willy has long been well known throughout the surf industry for his board art, in recent years he has begun to focus more on abstract art and portraits, for which he has gained a massive international following.
Mt Woodgee founders standing behind their truck holding surfboards

Our Rich History

When you have roots as deep as we have there’s never a shortage of stories to tell.  Over four decades of Mt. Woodgee history, from surf trips to false drug busts.  It’s certainly been a wild and colourful journey.

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