Kong has a long history with Mt Woodgee and has spent a lot of time working on his Equipment. Kong models are especially suited to the old school power surfer. There are 3 versions available.

The traditional swallow tail Kong model, FCSII thruster fin setup for performance based surfing and tighter pocket maneuverability.

The new round square version with FCS 5 Fin option built for versatility in beach breaks, Incorporating a subtle single into double concave

And the Round tail set up with FCSII 5 fin configuration, more suitable for down the line style of surfer, built for hold on rail to rail surfing.

Plug set up:
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ROCKER | Flat under chest with moderate nose entry and late flick in tail to add maneuverability

FIN SETUP | FCSII thruster in Swallow tail | FCSII 5 fin in Round tail and Rounded Square

GLASSING SPECS | 4 x 6 x 4 large laps

RAIL TYPE | Mid to full