Four Channel

Four Channel

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High performance 4 channel, Designed with a single concave under chest leading into a rolled Vee through the shaped channels, allows maximum speed generation and performance for those 2-6 ft days.

Developed by Craftsman Ian Byrne to create a fast, speed generating board versatile in more conditions compared to the traditional 6 channel bottom incorporating a flatter nose entry rocker and wider template compared to the traditional high performance board..

Note: We do not use litres when shaping channel bottoms as the tools required to make channels are done by a craftsman not by machines

Tail shape:
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Four Channel


ROCKER | High performance rocker with Single into Rolled Vee through the channels .late flick in tail to add maneuverability.

Flat chest deck rocker to increase paddle power without affecting performance.

FIN SETUP | FCS X2 5 fin

GLASSING SPEC | 4 x 4 x 4 S cloth, using Burfords 3 Ply stringers

RAIL TYPE | High performance mid rail