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Women’s world Championship Tour from 2009-2014.

I started surfing when I was seven years old in a little town in the North Island on the west coast of New Zealand called Oakura. It has heaps of points and beach breaks. I first walked into the Mt Woodgee factory when I was 16 years old and the board I got straight away were way better than anything I’d ever surfed

I went on to surf a board Wayne shaped in the New Zealand Women’s’ Nationals winning the U18 girls, Open Women and the Expression Session all on a beach break. The next week, I won the NZ Open women’s’ comp at Raglan and got my first ever 10-point ride on it. From then on no one has ever been able to separate me from my beloved Mt Woodgee boards!

I now have boards from good all-round comp models to big Hawaii guns and they just keep getting better and better. Over many years, I’ve formed a great relationship with Wayne and the whole Mt Woodgee crew. Their knowledge of surfboards is absolutely second to none.