Surfboard Ethics

Every Mt Woodgee Surfboard you see in this shop (or anywhere) has been created using traditional methods, and by craftsmen personally and meticulously dedicated to their utmost quality.

Our shapers, laminators, sanders and finishers have over 200 cumulative years of experience.

You are not a robot. At Mt Woodgee, nor is your shaper.

Mt Woodgee Surfboards are shaped in entirety by the attributed shaper.

The attributed shaper on the decal is the person who shaped the surfboard. In entirety. With pride.


The Craftsmen


Ian Byrne | Shaper

Willy Nicholls | Artist

Ryan MacDonald | Laminating, Glassing + Sanding + EPS Specialist

George Vagala | Laminating, Glassing + Sanding


Ken MacDonald | Shaping + Tint work + polishing